Eva Rose

so kawaii. aasimar paladin. seiba with a spear.




Rescued from the slums of the city by a human paladin, Eva learned to follow the code from a young age. Though she remembers her mother, she never knew her real father, coming to see the paladin who rescued her as a father figure. As she was constantly surrounded by humans, she stopped questioning her own differences when she was taken under his wing. She’s pretty sure her mother was the only one who could’ve answered those questions anyways, and she doesn’t think the differences really mean anything. She just wants to know more about her real father.

However, despite following the code in Alin, it seems her more idealistic side has appeared in Lu Tsang. She’s just not sure how to go about changing laws. (Nor has she put any thought into the aftermath of changing so many laws.)

Eva tends to get along with the rest of the party, though she is only just learning how to handle Imral’s teasing, and she usually responds with comments about Rashai. She trusts all of them except for Belnan really, whom she’s still wary of for reasons she doesn’t really understand. She just is.

Eva Rose

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