Cranky and short with people, usually a bit dismissive of others and too proud of his own intellect. Prefers his own company but does not disdain others. Somewhat self-involved though not to the point of selfishness. Has a sense of humor that is not too popular and only really pleases himself.

Born out of wedlock from a dalliance between his mother and a disguised Half-Fiend, Belnan was abandoned when his Tiefling traits began to manifest themselves. He was raised by a grumpy elderly male Human Alchemist who taught him much of his craft and from whom he learned most of his mannerisms. The ageing and subsequent wasting away of his master left him determined to discover a cure for aging using alchemical techniques and led to him adventuring as a means of acquiring the wealth and knowledge required for such a feat. Prejudice drove him from his base of operations in a mining town when he was blamed for an undead infestation and his laboratory was burned down leading to his current membership in the adventuring group “Belnan and Friends” (Name subject to change without warning but with beatings)

Recover his youth
Discover immortality
Learn about Imral’s race
Revenge upon the prefect Li-Shia
Revenge upon the prefect Sharn


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