Jojofinder; The Counterparty

Found At Sea


The party awoke to find themselves; and their ship; immediately under attack by pirates. It was clear that things were not as they should be-They had apparently been out for months, and these pirates clearly did not originate from any country they knew of. They had apparently been placed in stasis for some unnamed, nefarious purpose and awakened by Captain Remulus, who had been complicit in the whole affair, solely because they were short-handed on able crewmen.

Arming and armoring themselves as best as they could, the party, still groggy from months of prolonged hibernation, made their way to the top deck to face these strange new pirates in this strange new land.

It was a resounding victory; while these pirates were certainly fierce foes, the terrain advantage that their ship lent them during the pirates boarding action ensured that they were duly repelled after minimal losses. Still, the World Serpent was heavily damaged from months at sea and storms and had to limp into a harbor to rest, which happened to be a large coastal city, clearly engulfed by the flames of war.

As soon as the party made landfall, they were greeted by an unexpected face; an old Remaran man by the name of Arilen claiming to be the ambassador to this country implored them to come to his embassy where they would be safe. Not seeing any other choice, the party (and what remained of the crew) agreed. Once they made it inside and had a quick breather, Arilen began to explain where they were and what was going on.

They were no longer anywhere near home. In fact, home was not even on the maps in this land. They were in a foreign country by the name of Lu Tsang, and they had arrived at a spectacularly bad time; a civil war.



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