Jojofinder; The Counterparty

Shanghai Dawn

It Begins

This was the first session of Jojofinder.

It consisted of three people to begin with, meeting by chance in the port-city of Merio in the Remaran Empire.

Imral, a half-elf rogue, born in the gutter and a bastard child.
Eva Rose, a noble-raised Aasimar paladin, the darling of her order and the pride of her nation of Alin.
Verilio Cesaranora, eldest son of House Cesaranora, an influential Remaran family in the realm of laws, lawyers and legislature.

It was supposed to be an easy job, guarding a merchant’s cargo on the way to a nearby land across the ocean. Well-paid, too; but that was not that surprising given the danger involved in transporting goods across recently conquered territory. Their employer was a fat man named Vico Suria who was reputed to dabble in semi-illegal activities, but that was not the immediate concern of the party. Nor were they the only party present; adventurers, ruffians and sellswords the land-over were drawn to this decidedly lucrative job. None of them imagined what would happen to them, nor where they would be when it was all over.

Regardless; here is a rundown of the events that occurred.

The party met and lounged around for a day, getting into a singular bar brawl with a drunken soldier, resulting in Verilio being expelled from the inn they intended to stay in. They were then addressed specifically by letter by Vico Suria himself, and assigned to guard the same boat, the World Serpent, captained by a large man named Remulus. After sleeping away the bruises and the booze, the party finally cast off at dawn, with Verilio almost being left behind after a large hangover.

The rest of the day was fairly uneventful as the party paced around the boat, noting a few strange peculiarities such as the overstocking of supplies, the recent rehaul and the secrecy surrounding the nature of the cargo. As night fell, the captain, appearing to be a friendly man, offered them all a drink, which they all took. And as they went to bed, they realised that something was amiss; the room crackled and glowed with arcane energy. A brief moment of panic ensued before they fell unconscious, and when they awoke…



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